The Gavel Books by D. L. Bush


  • Reader Review- Honey Love

    This is A Must Read you will be on your toes, you will actually feel the moments of intensity and you will get familiar with the characters.

    Your basically reading a movie coming out…….. March 1,2023.

  • Reader Review- Ebony C.

    Love this, this is a great great read I have nothing to say but I need to see this on TV now!

  • Reader Review- San B.

    The Gavel Gave Me Life Book gives you so much detail. Everyone can relate to at least one character or situation in this novel. For sure this book activates the scenic imagination. Grab you a copy.

  • Willie S.

    Outstanding!!!!! Kings this book is straight fire!!! You must read this. Be forewarned, it will hit home for a lot of people.